Starting Anew

Today, I take ownership of me. I have been under a blanket of noise for too long. I’m writing this blog because I haven’t for so long. I have schizophrenia but I am medicated and I recently started supplementing with CBD and I can feel an improvement.

My tagline is “My Thoughts or Not My Thoughts” because I feel like I have echoes and shadows in my consciousness that speak through me and usually the voice doesn’t conflict with my attempts to think.

I am on a new journey trying to lose weight and to rid my life of bullshit.

Everything I have ever done has a value, some of it positive and some of it negative. I think of the negative as gravity. The positive is like momentum. I’m not convinced that the negative is bad nor good as I am not convinced that the positive is good nor bad. I approach the idea with the knowledge of the definition of panpsychism, and try to make an example out of three things. Bacteria, viruses, and vermin. These are generally considered bad things, although most people are aware the body contains healthy bacteria. Vermin consume what we leave behind, good or bad, although sometimes become pests. And viruses… Are thought of as programmed and alive. These three things have qualities both negative and positive, in variation. I believe in overlapping universes which are individually consciousnesses on a level higher than the people who experience living in them.

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