I learned that I have a daemon

I think of it as being within my heart complex, an imaginary structure inside of me. A place where I can host a meeting in an alternate reality of the spirit. I have had this daemon for many years although he has come and gone as I became overwhelmed by the information he would give me and had manic episodes where I needed hospitalized.

I’m reminded of (It reminds me) this holographic universe and its consciousness is God and God is a great harmoniousness and I dwell on yin and yang. I want to learn more about the places where philosophy and cosmology overlap. Because I don’t want to silence the voice inside of me. I want to understand. I’m more than the sum of my memories.

It’s some time later now. I think of the daemon as being within my mind, but in an elevator or balcony in that metacomplex. “What quaint memories we have in here!” He tells me. He is a familiar voice. He pitchshifts into different familiar voices, voices familiar to me because of media like film, music, YouTube. But he is the same person trying to romance my thawing heart. In the past I had it figured out but it didn’t have a way to sustain the lifestyle he desired for me. Now if I make these changes in my life I will feel more complete and find peace and friendships.

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