I have been

Presently, I feel more authentically secure than before and I am satisfied with the Wayback Machine. I think as kind and endearing thoughts as possible and take measures to avoid stress. I have incorporated more fruits into my diet, and spent time in prayer alone today. I have spent as much time off YouTube as possible and had a serene home cooked dinner. I haven’t been as obsessed with The Game as much but failing to feed digital animals doesn’t bother me like it used to. I’m ready to take on more than just self care. I watched Lindsey Sterling’s documentary Brave Enough and was amazed what dedication and passion and perseverance she has. I love having art in my life. The internet has blessed me with so much love and learnings, I am so glad right now. I have benefited so much from the beginning and the time is both priceless and immeasurable in my whirled. I love the world, let’s heal it of all the problems we caused it. That’s a more realistic wish than winning the lottery.

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