guess i’ve been letting my thoughts on this stew

the concert was all of the enchantment and wonder that I felt held in promise to me with flawless performances of all their greatest tracks in a generous helping from their three albums and ep, and several new tracks on a yet to be released album coming soon. the highlight of my evening was getting a halfway decent reel of Mister Impossible for my instagram feed.

then, Thursday, I made a painting of the symbol, for Om (Aum) which is pictured in my instagram feed, it is gold on a dark purple circle on a red background. I chose to give it as a gift to Bob.

Now it is just after Friday, and I am drinking kombucha and discovering that it’s too late to get a group together in World of Warcraft. Had some good conversation but gonna chill, meditate, and then sleep now so time for me to quit yappin’.

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