it finally happened

I finally saw Tool play live and it was everything I hoped it would be for the seats that I managed to get. The light and film effects of the whole show was mesmerizing to say the least but I got some video on my instagram (@exangel) from the final song of the night, Stinkfist. I was seated next to Mark closest the stage on the left, an electrician who was on vacation from the family and livin it up, and Crystal, on my right. My mother next to Crystal on her right. After the concert was over my mom said the drummer was incredible 😀 It was because after an intermission Danny played Chocolate Chip Trip. I think that was the most memorable part of the night for me although I was stoked they played Intolerance as well. I was so dazzled by everything going on on stage and occasionally distracted by dodging Mark’s erratic dancing. What a great memory. File it away and back it up.

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