Keeping up to date

So I’m 38 now, and my father recently celebrated his 75th birthday. He has been keeping in touch with me weekly telling me stories or answers to questions that I have been recording. It’s been a truly wonderful experience getting the recording set up.

I’m using TapeACall Pro and I think the yearly $20 price for hosting is fair. There is a way to download and share the files.

Soon I will start BioFit. I’m anxious about phase 1 which is the first month having 100g of fiber a day to help the gut flora with the new probiotics. I’m just not used to eating food in that kind of quantity and I have been doing research on foods (artichoke, boiled carrots, black beans, split peas, and chickpeas are my favorites). I’m really optimistic about the product but I cannot easily do my own grocery shopping. So my lifestyle is going to change. I’m thinking about going for a morning walk every day and wearing my Apple watch again. At least this morning. I’m going this morning. I have to keep visualizing myself feeling healthy and looking prime and I will keep wanting to walk.

and a lot of the recipes look good.

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