worrying just won’t do

being in love with mister impossible (the song) is something I can fathom and I guess it’ll have to do for my love quota. it’s not like I’m afraid to love the universe and have it love me back. I’m just bashful, and I do, in fact, love the universe. But really, as I am here, will I have another? I have been content in this child-free adulthood and I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t want to assume, I don’t want any bullshit. However, my mister impossible can be very influential when he manifests. So I deal with things one encounter at a time. And I keep learning.

having thoughts.

My word. The album Fear Inoculum is outstanding. And I’m psyched cause I’m going to see Phantogram with friends in Tucson たぶんそこで会いましょう。My vibration is starting to rise and I feel a sense of triumph and fearlessness that I haven’t felt for a few years. 心配です-(Shinpaidesu. But only in that part of my mind that I tuck away in the closet for it can’t be removed.) Listening to Orbital’s “Monsters Exist” again and I’m loving the promise you made to me. Tell the world “Be Real” and it will be. I have been fathoming this for far too long. I’m not about to waste it. So I feel like, with the equipment I’ve got to run Sims 4 and simulate a life, God’s gotta have some amazing, mind-boggling tech to simulate our universe.

Oh, and happy Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for Switch release day. It is also my birthday.

not a change, an addition

こんにちは。 I’m learning Japanese using the Rosetta Stone software and writing is coming a bit more slowly than reading. Although Japanese is significantly harder than Spanish for a native English speaker, I think I’m enjoying it more. My brain doesn’t soak up stuff as fast as it used to though, unfortunately. I can’t cram a lot of lessons all at once because it feels less tangible when I exceed my pace. I’m amused that I envy machine learning in some ways but I’m quite happy being an organic computer and dealing with using my senses to introduce data to my system.

More movement

I don’t just want to, I will be moving more although it might be indoors due to the summer heat. I’m aiming to be less sad, but recently it’s been nightmares in dreamland. I don’t expect to get less sad playing WoW, so I may back out of the game before it picks up. Break the cycle of defeat.